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old and tradition
15 August 2012

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human and ...
3 July 2012

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the cold season
3 June 2012

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13 October 2011

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omid on old and tradition
سال ❺❾❸❶ مبارک ❀❀ ❤❧ با آروزی بهترین ها ❧❤ ✿ شادی، بهروزی، ...

bahman parandin on old and tradition
Motshakerm AZ lotftan angel.

angel on old and tradition
wow che akse khubi tagharon rangha kadr alie

bahman parandin on old and tradition
سلام.یعقوب جان . از لطفتان بی نهایت سپاسگزارم. امیدوارم شما نیز در ...

یعقوب on old and tradition
سلام پسر عمه عزیزم خیلی خوشحال شدم ک عکس تون پذیرش شده امیدواریم ...

nadi on old and tradition
nice shot

فریدون on old and tradition
برادر جان ایشالا که همیشه موفق باشی خبر پذیرش عکسات ما را بی نهایت ...

bahman parandin on old and tradition
thanks a lot Jim.

Jim Wilson on old and tradition
Excellent. Certainly a shot with a story to tell.

mohammad heidariyan on old and tradition
با درود به اقای پرندین : این اثر یکی از ماندگارترین اثار شما ...

فریدون on imaginary vs reality
از بالا :رنگ وتخیل کمی بعد: یک نقاشی ابرنگ دید کامل: پژمردگی طبیعت ...

Mehrdad on old and tradition
فوق العاده است لذت بردم آفرین موفق باشید

L'angevine on autumn
bravo pour le remix sur la recherche des couleurs à l'abstraction

Nini on old and tradition
Nice shot !!!

Arash on old and tradition
very good shot thanks for sharing..

omid on old and tradition
این لینک رو ببینید جالبه .

shervin on old and tradition
عاقبت ما

SalSa on old and tradition
Great idea in this photo

agnes on old and tradition

Sophie Avrillault on human and ...
un portrait pas comme les autres c'est evident, en tout cas bravo pour la maitrise de lumière

Moein Seifi on love
I like your shot Because your image and all of your pictures have in particular mean You have woderful flair.Carry On ...

Christian Richer on old and tradition
Framing, a tribute to old! These are prayer beads around their hands?

Mowgli on return to home 3/3
Wow superbe! La lumière et cette couleur. La composition aussi bien sur.

Mowgli on love
Ssuperbe n&b! Quelle composition, une réussite.

Amerlina on human and ...
che framinge fogholadeE!!! alie!

Annierita & Annisabelle on old and tradition
Beautiful symetry. Annierita

Eric C. on human and ...
Great shot !

Eric C. on old and tradition
Bravo !

Punit on old and tradition
Wonderful details here and a nice framing as well - nice atmosphere.

Aly on old and tradition
WOW what a great shot! COOL!! :)

Ana Lúcia on old and tradition

bluechameleon on old and tradition
Nicely framed.

yiannis krikis on old and tradition
great detail, colors and framing

Mhelene on old and tradition
A wonderful composition !! I put it in my remix "I like it " !

bahman parandin on old and tradition
thanks so much Bettina.

Bettina on old and tradition
This is really beautiful! Great framing!

glenn on old and tradition
good work friend

maximage on color vs colors !
Wonderful Shot !! Congratulations for this superb photo job.

Benkirane Thami on color vs colors !
Excellent cadrage qui joue sur la répétition symétrique (mains, cannes, chapelets...etc.) avec un ...

catherine on color vs colors !
beautiful composition ! i like the old hands , the symmetry

JACQUES on color vs colors !
Composition très réussie avec cet arrire plan flou.

JACQUES on contrast (wall painting and human 2/3)
Superbe image de reportage, bravo.

Tracy on color vs colors !
What a wonderful shot!

Shar on color vs colors !
Love this detail shot of the old hands and lovely beads! Well done!

Eric C. on human and ...
Bravo !

Eric C. on color vs colors !
Great colours and framing !

Julie L. Brown on color vs colors !
There is a story in the choices the two make.

Mehdi Monadi on color vs colors !
nice shot

Lena on color vs colors !
Very nice image. great shot.

Michael Rawluk on color vs colors !
That is a very cool shot.

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